About Ply Tec Green Formwork

Ply Tec Green Formwork system is replacement of conventional timber method for concrete construction and requires a much shorter construction cycle between 5-7 days. It comprises 3 basic components which are the main panel with bamboo plywood board on top of a steel framing, adjustable steel prop with early stripping head; and, aux beam to treat infill area. Green Formwork is a building method and technology that uses the Earth’s natural resources efficiently and in an environmental friendly. The only consumable components of Green Formwork, the bamboo plywood boards are made from renewable resources. Bamboo is considered as an ecological construction material as it is harvested through massive agro-replanting. The main steel components are casted with recycled steel resources. It has advantage such as safety, high efficiency, and, reduced construction cost and labor. It is GREEN in the way Green Formwork are manufactured, the way they are used and the way they are reclaimed after use.


  • Only few components: Panel, Prop & Aux Beam / Panel
  • Do not require cross / lateral braces & tripods
  • Easy to transfer both horizontally and vertically
  • 4- worker team for erection, str¡pp¡ng & removal
  • More than 500m2 work done per day-team
  • Stable system with 6-direction locking restriction
  • No human lifting above shoulder required


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